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A year in review

A year in review

Shaping the future


Message from the director

M. Hailu, director of CTA

There needs to be a transformation in the way agriculture is conceived so that each smallholder farm is treated as a competitive business.

The central role of agriculture in meeting many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has shaped CTA’s activities over the course of 2016 and will continue to influence the organisation’s operations into the future.

Agriculture not only has a vital role to play in achieving the objectives of SDG2 – to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition – but is also central to realising SDG1’s aim to end extreme poverty. Additionally, the agricultural sector must facilitate work towards the goals targeting gender equality (SDG5), decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), climate action (SDG13) and the sustainable use of land ecosystems. Moreover, agriculture is key to mitigating the urgent challenges of youth unemployment and large-scale migration in Africa and other developing regions.

However, subsistence agriculture, practised as a way of life for the majority of African farmers, will not succeed in meeting these challenges. There needs to be a transformation in the way agriculture is conceived so that the smallholder farmer is treated as a competitive business owner. Farms built on a modern and sustainable business model create value for smallholder producers, young men and women, and produce consistent yields of affordable, nutritious and healthy food. CTA’s vision is for the agri-food systems in ACP countries to be built on efficient and competitive agri-businesses across the value-chain.

The articles in this annual review give a good flavour of CTA’s interventions to help smallholder producers benefit from innovations in agribusiness, finance, ICTs, climate-smart agriculture, agro-tourism, communications and knowledge management. For instance, CTA’s Market-led, User-owned ICT4Ag Enabled Information Service (MUIIS) project – launched in October 2015 – has developed a bundle of agricultural information products, including weather alerts, agronomic tips and financial services, which Ugandan farmers can access through SMS and smartphone apps. The organisation has also continued to promote multi-stakeholder engagement in policy development through regular Brussels Development Briefings and in 2016 released a new multimedia pack highlighting the briefings’ highlights from the last 8 years.

Looking forward, CTA will continue to focus on making agribusiness work for smallholders across Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific countries – working with partners to boost entrepreneurship and youth employment.

- Michael Hailu, CTA Director




farmers accessed drought-tolerant seeds during the seed fairs held in rural villages of Mali and Zimbabwe respectively



experts from 34 countries participated in the Blending4Ag conference on Innovative Partnerships for Agricultural Finance


articles, TV news and radio broadcast covered the Caribbean Week of Agriculture and


tweets were sent


small scale producers have increased adaptive capacity to climate change as a result of PGIS processes


publications were downloaded from CTA Publishing website

€ 700,000

were invested by international companies and organisations in young ICT agripreneur startups involved in CTA’s AgriHack activities



producers in Uganda, out of which


women, were sensitized through the MUIIS project, to increase their productivity thanks to tailor-made information service


new individuals subscribed to Spore magazine



producers were trained in standards, norms and finance in the Caribbean


Organisations in Africa joined the Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative thanks to CTA support to the 1st African Open Data Conference and to the GODAN Global Summit


blogs were created through YoBloco Awards and other social media trainings,


of blogs creators are women


downloads of the CTA/WUR publication on “Innovation Systems: Strategies in support of Smallholder Farmers” were recorded



news stories and TV shows were published or broadcasted on the Cassava Forum in Yaoundé by


journalists and media agencies


people were trained in participatory geographic information systems (PGIS) of which


of trainees were aged between 18 and 35


of trainees were women



Promoting agribusiness
Rural finance key to agricultural development
Regional solutions in the Pacific
Boosting agriculture through innovative lending partnerships
Mitigating the consequences of aflatoxin in Africa



ICTs for agriculture
Satellite-based crop advice
ICTs for agriculture: a must for youth and farmers
New site for ICT Update launched
Supporting young e-agriculture start-ups


and knowledge 

Communication and knowledge sharing
A new-look for Spore
Africa’s first ‘youth in agribusiness’ web TV!
Three-dimensional maps: empowering rural communities



Policy engagement
Eight years of agricultural policy engagement
Achieving the SDGs through transforming agriculture
European Development Days: Working towards the SDGs
Towards a global data ecosystem for agriculture and food


Climate-Smart Agriculture

Climate smart agriculture
Better seed to fight climate change in West Africa
CoP22 – Action for agriculture
The road to climate-resilient cereal and livestock farming


Developing Value Chains

Developing Value Chains
Cashing in on cassava in Central Africa
Dynamic value chains for agricultural development
Improving West Africa’s regional grain trade
A powerful synergy between agriculture and cuisine

List of staff members in 2016

Director's office

  • Michael Hailu


  • Deborah Kleinbussink

    Executive Assistant/Board Secretary

Brussels office

  • Isolina Boto

    Manager of Brussels Office

  • Angeles Salvador

    Project Assistant (from Wageningen office)

Knowledge Management & Communication (KMC) Programme

  • Thierry Doudet

    Programme Manager

  • Stéphane Gambier

    Sr Programme Coord/Communication

  • Paul Neate

    Sr Programme Coord/Communication

  • Krishan Bheenick

    Sr Programme Coord/Knowledge Management

  • Thierry Lewyllie

    Programme Coord/Web

  • Murielle Vandreck

    Programme Coord/Publications

  • Bianca Beks

    Associate Programme Coord/Publications

  • Anne Legroscollard

    Associate Programme Coord/Communication

  • Mirjam Bos

    Administrative Assistant

  • Evelyne Kort-Nerincx

    Administrative Assistant

  • Merche Rodriguez

    Project Assistant

  • Gabriela Gonçalves Bahre

    Data Assistant

  • Husna Yagoub

    Data Assistant

Policies, Markets & ICT (PMI) Programme

  • Lamon Rutten

    Programme Manager

  • Chris Addison

    Sr Programme Data4Ag

  • Oluyede Ajayi

    Sr Programme Coord/ARD Policy

  • Juan Cheaz

    Sr Programme Coord/Ag. Policy & Value Chains

  • Vincent Fautre

    Sr Programme Coord/Value Chains

  • Judith Ann Francis

    Sr Programme Coord/S&T Policy

  • Giacomo Rambaldi

    Sr Programme Coord/ICT

  • Souleymane Zeba

    Sr Programme Coord/Agric. Policy & Value Chain

  • Benjamin Addom

    Programme Coord/ICT

  • Ken Lohento

    Programme Coord/ICT

  • Armelle Degrave

    Associate Programme Coord/PMI

  • Caroline Andriessen

    Project Assistant

  • Marion van Boven

    Project Assistant

  • Pavlina Ivanova

    Project Assistant

  • Emil Jejov

    Project Assistant

  • Carolina van Loenen

    Project Assistant

Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME) Unit

  • Ibrahim Khadar

    Unit Manager

  • Tarikua Getachew Woldetsadick

    Associate Programme Coord/LME

  • Raya Dekkers

    Administrative Assistant

  • Annemiek Leuvenink

    Project Assistant

Financial Control

  • Carmen Broeders

    Financial Controller (until 19/09/2016)

  • Kim Swerts

    Financial Control Officer (from 20/09/2016)

Corporate Services

  • Pascal Deleu

    Human Resources Officer, acting Head Corporate Services

  • Martijn Van der Burgt

    Sr Finance Officer

  • Christine Webster

    Sr Procurement and Grants Officer

  • Christèle Coutureau

    Human Resources Associate

  • Julia Nijhof

    Human Resources Assistant

  • Aurélie Reynier

    Administrative Assistant

  • Igor Biskupic

    IT Officer

  • Louis Kolkman

    IT Technician

  • Serge Adolph

    Accounts Payable Assistant

  • Marco Van Maurik

    Accounts Payable Assistant

  • Adrianus Biemans


  • Thomas Mendo-Essiane


  • Manuela van Betuw


Project staff managers

  • Sabdiyo Dido Bashuna

    Sr Tech. Adviser Value Chains & Agribusiness

  • Gian Nicola Francesconi

    Sr Tech. Adviser Cooperative Business Development

  • Yihenew Zewdie Lemma

    Sr Tech. Advisor Policies & Markets

  • Jorge Chávez-Tafúr

    Assoc. Programme Coord/KM (Experience Capitalization project)

  • Marion Girard Cisneros

    Associate Programme Coord/Web Content Management

  • Samson Vilvil Fare

    Associate Programme Coord/ARD Policy

  • Carol Kakooza

    Project Coordinator MUIIS project (Uganda)

  • Isaura Lopes Ramos

    Project coordinator GODAN Action

  • Oluwabunmi Ajilore

    Jr Programme Associate/ICT4Ag

  • Mikaïla Issa Abramane

    Jr Programme Associate/Social Media

  • Eva Huet

    Jr Programme Associate/LME

  • Lebo Mofolo

    Jr Programme Associate/Policy Development Briefings

  • Antonella Piccolella

    Jr Programme Associate/PGIS

  • Silvana Summa

    Jr Associate Coord/Intranet


  • Matthew Adetunji

  • Israel Biony

  • Florie Chazarin

  • Serge Kedja

  • Kellie Koo

  • Romain Leyh

  • Laurianne Ollivier

  • Yvon Saroumi

  • Anna Sellars

  • Hermann Tossou

  • David Walker

Staff members who left CTA in 2016

  • Mikaïla Issa Abramane

    Jr Programme Assoc. Social Media (end August)

  • Anastasia Armeni

    Chief of Accounts (mid February)

  • Bianca Beks

    Associate Programme Coord/Publications (end July)

  • Carmen Broeders

    Financial Controller (mid September)

  • Gema Fernandez-Albujar

    CS Administrative Assistant (end September)

  • Eva Huet

    Jr Programme Assoc. LME (beginning November)

  • Benjamin Moy

    Budget Assistant (mid May)

  • Marloes Pals

    Project Assistant (end April)

  • Yihenew Zewdie Lemma

    Sr Technical Advisor Policies & Markets (end August)

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